What do you need to permanently rise your standard?

  • 11 marzo, 2019
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«If you do what you’ve always done, you will get you’ve always gotten» (Tony Robbins)

Don’t forget this: we are HUMAN BEINGS playing BASKETBALL

This is the big issue… you practice, you grow up… but, do you really increase your level every single day?
We bring you 6 keys to focus on.

1.- Ability to listen and communicate
Close the gaps between yourself and the environement is

2.- Emotional Intelligence
Understand, Identify and manage the emotions, allows to increase your performance to your real potential

3.- Be concious of strenghts and weaknesses as a player.
To take advantage, to focus and prioritize the learning process.

4.- Undestand the “NEXT”
What do you need to grow up to next level in every moment (phisical, tactical, mental or technical details or skills)

5.- Assume the price to pay.
Dedication, mentality to overcome obstacles, hold the difficult moments…

6.- Fully express the personality in the game.
Continuous self-awareness process.


The result of those points is HUMILDITY+AMBITION. To be open to learn from everything and everyone. At the same time, engagement with the path to reach the dream.

This is our philosophy. #FRONTERAEXPERIENCE 7 years working for you, players. Helping players to raise the standard. Our main difference is that we work 10 coaches for 25 players, wich means full individualization in the learning process. We combine on and off-court work. Mental-Emotional-Technical and tachtical work.


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